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Crafted BBQ Grill by those who knows their philosophy principle. R&D ability help you cost down.


We focus on the progress detail such as Punching / Folding / Welding to guarantee our quality.


ITA respectively fixed on the upper and lower worktable of the folding machine. Combined with the shape of the upper die and the lower die, the sheet bending forming is realized to guarantee quality.


ITA has modern equipment and different sectors such as Punching / Folding / Welding to create high performance.

Surface Finishing Integration

ITA insist to honor our reputation by controlling Surface Finishing Integration processes : Always keep BBQ Grill bright as usual.


Precise design and hardworking people make perfect assembling.

Quality Assurance

100% checking before shipment to guarantee our quality. Quality and safety are our top priority.


R & D

Our R&D ability to help you cost down and make your grill impressive.

If you have any OEM/ODM needs, or are interested in our products, welcome to contact us.