How many kinds of your BBQ Gill?

2021-04-28 | share :

1. Freestanding Gas Grills
Gas grills that are mounted on a movable cart with wheels are called Freestanding or Portable and are easy to put together.

2. Built-In Gas Grills By Size
Built-in gas BBQ grills are specially-made to be bricked into an outdoor kitchen structure. The ability to place your gas cooking surface directly into the counter allows for a more versatile use of space.

3. Liquid Propane Gas Grills
Liquid Propane (LP Gas) is a clean-burning and ultra-efficient way to power your BBQ grill. The easily-controllable and extremely hot flame gives you the ability to manage how your food is cooked, from a low simmer to a scorching sear.

4. Infrared Grills - Premier Domestic Brands
Infrared grills are gas grills, but with ceramic searing burners. This epic outdoor cooking technology browns and caramelizes the surface of meats by using energy similar to visible light, that is not affected by wind.

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